Our Philosophy

Greenwood & McKenzie specializes in the acquisition, financing, management and sale or exchange of real estate investment properties for investor clients. Carl Greenwood and Jim McKenzie are the General Partners of Greenwood & McKenzie. The firm works to acquire and/or manage properties for investors who prefer sole ownership of real estate and forms private syndications tailored to the needs of small investor groups to acquire income producing properties and participate in land development projects. In addition, groups are formed to participate in well-secured construction loans on projects in Arizona being developed by Jim Chamberlain, a long time associate of Carl Greenwood.

A Limited Partnership or Limited Liability Company is organized to acquire a specific property. The investors are limited in liability to the extent of their cash investment. Greenwood & Mckenzie is the General Partner or Manager in most cases. Thus, Carl Greenwood and Jim Mckenzie, as General Partners of Greenwood & Mckenzie, are responsible for such items as negotiating the acquisition of the property, obtaining and signing for the loans, operation and management of the property, and its eventual sale or exchange.

Professional property management and asset management is stressed by Greenwood & McKenzie whether for group or individual ownership. The firm is very detail-oriented in its approach to the day-to-day management role and believes in frequent property visits in order to both critique the property’s appearance and function and to build a relationship with the tenant or tenants. Both Carl and Jim are responsible for the longer-term perspective associated with the asset management role.