Carl Greenwood

Carl Greenwood attended Stanford University, graduating in 1964 with a degree in Economics. After three years as an Officer in the United States Navy, he joined the family business in the Fall of 1967. Carl’s father, Charles, began working in the real estate field in Tustin in 1948, and opened his own office in 1956. The original company name was Charles F. Greenwood, Real Estate Investments. The name was changed to Charles F. Greenwood & Son in 1971. Carl became a partner in the firm in 1973, and acquired it from his father in December, 1976 and shortened the company name to Greenwood & Son in 1979. DRE # 00354857

Jim McKenzie

Jim McKenzie attended U.C. Irvine, graduating in 1986 with a degree in Social Ecology, specializing in Environmental Health and Urban Planning. Since graduating Jim has held a wide array of positions in the real estate and development fields. Prior to joining Greenwood & Son on July 1, 1999, Jim was an Appraiser for the firm of Mawhinney & Associates, which specializes in commercial and investment property valuations in California, Arizona and Nevada. The main thrust of these assignments entailed litigation and expert witness assignments. Jim became a partner on January 1, 2000, and the company name was changed to Greenwood & McKenzie in May, 2006.


Between 1956 and 1967, Charles Greenwood was involved as a principal in thirty real estate investment properties, including twenty syndications. From 1967 through 1976, Charles and Carl were involved as principals in fourteen syndications, consisting of four undeveloped land and ten income producing properties. After becoming sole owner, Carl was involved in the formation of twenty-nine syndications up until the time that Jim became a partner.

G & M is currently the general partner in twenty-three L.P.s and the manager in twenty-one L.L.C.s. Two own properties in Southern California, twenty-nine in Arizona, ten in Texas and one in Georgia.

G & M is also responsible for both the asset and professional property management of sixteen apartment projects totaling 2,542 units, one commercial building, two industrial buildings, five industrial/office buildings, nine office buildings and one land portfolio in California; and five industrial buildings, three industrial/office buildings, two commercial buildings, one sports club and two office buildings in Arizona. The square footage of the California portfolio totals 2,553,120, of the Arizona portfolio totals 1,674,292, of the Texas portfolio totals 428,331 and is 45,000 for the one Georgia property, for a total of 4,700,743 sq. ft. for the entire portfolio.

The estimated fair market value of all the above ownership interests in the entire portfolio of projects, containing 4,700,743 square feet, is about $1,300,000,000, with an estimated net equity of about $690,000,000. In addition, one investor group has $1,000,000 loaned on various development projects and land in the Phoenix area, six investor groups have $9,268,755 loaned on six buildings in the Phoenix area, two investor groups have a total of $9,462,582 loaned on land in Prescott, Arizona and two investor groups have $1,910,000 loaned on two sports clubs in Texas.

Summary of Properties

Properties: 77
Building Square Footage: 4,700,743
Fair Market Value: $1,307,058,204